Slime sunday


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IDK if your kids are into slime, my oldest daughter (Leilany) got into slime from kids at school and she started making her own with help of how-to videos. Now she has enough knowledge to help her younger sister(Shanney) my 2nd daughter with her own slime, its kinda fun to play with feels like being a kid again lol. As a dad its good feeling watching your kids do great things even tho if i didn’t teach her how to make slime, but i do teach my kids important lessons in lifeĀ  and that’sĀ  ONE OF THE GREATEST GIFT A PARENT CAN GIVE..Ā  P.S i gotta cut my son’s hair too.


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2 thoughts on “Slime sunday”

  1. James Dolen says:

    I left a reply on the voting question . What happened to It? I guess itā€™s out in cyberspace.

    1. gelinpost says:

      If you left a comment yesterday the website was down for maintenance. Feel free to comment again if you like

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