$69 Trillion of World Debt in One Infographic. WORLD DEBT 2019

Good Afternoon my fellow readers , Now i know i’m not the only person in the world who has thought this and wondered WHO THE HELL IS THE WORLD IN DEBT TO?? Now most people just here this news and they move on cause they figured its just debt regarding good imports from other countries, but somehow i DON’T THINK that’s the case here. But if you find this interesting please feel free to chime in. FULL ARTICLE AND INFOGRAPHIC.

Two decades ago, total government debt was estimated to sit at $20 trillion.

Since then, according to the latest figures by the IMF, the number has ballooned to $69.3 trillion with a debt to GDP ratio of 82% — the highest totals in human history.

Which countries owe the most money, and how do these figures compare?

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