Google Releases its Site Kit WordPress Plugin Out of Beta

Google has released version 1.0 of its Site Kit plugin for WordPress, which means its officially out of beta after 6 months. In the time since the developer preview of Site Kit was released, Google says it drastically simplified the setup, fixed bugs, and polished the main user flows.

Site Kit allows WordPress users to access data from Google products right from their site’s dashboard. The plugin aggregates data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Page Speed Insights, and AdSense. For full article CLICK HERE . Im personally happy looking forward to this plugin !!

Apple Launches APPLE+Tv Stream!!

Apple CEO Tim Cook in an interview with @Reuters says he welcomes the wide range of competition in streaming video ahead of AppleTV+ launch

Google to buy Fitbit in $2.1 billion deal

Google announced plans on Friday to acquire Fitbit, the world’s leading maker of wearable fitness activity trackers.

New York (CNN)Google announced plans on Friday to acquire Fitbit, the world’s leading maker of wearable fitness activity trackers.

The deal, worth about $2.1 billion, is one of Google’s largest acquisitions. The wearable market is growing quickly. Although Google makes some hardware, including Pixel phones and Nest devices, it hasn’t made much headway into smartwatches and other wearable devices.

Time with family

It dawned on me that I have a 13year old daughter now (gasp) and life is getting more and more interesting with kids as they get older. Got to spend time with my kids over the weekend. Went to my cousin Donald and his wife house , he also has 2 kids around my own kids age so if anyone of have kids you know exactly what that means (lol) . Kids need family time. Wether its siblings or cousins etc.. they need to see family especially around the Holidays ????✨ and during the yr is also good for them and their development growth. But I’m back to work and the daily grind of finding success.

Have a good week my fellow readers..

Big Spenders

GM fellow readers, Its that time again where people lose their minds, sense of reality (my opinion) due to these UNNECESSARY SPENDING cause by these “big corporations ” dont get me wrong theres nothing wrong with saving some money on purchases of things thats REALLY NEEDED around this time of year but some people also spend because they have absolutely nothing else to do or I’d like to call them ” BIG SPENDERS”. im not cheap by any means I get what I need for me and my kids and that’s it. I dont spend if I don’t have to. Of course I get the urge to go out and spend like most of us  but THE PEOPLE MAKING THE MONEY ARE NOT SPENDING IT LIKE THE ONES WHOSE WORKING SO HARD TO GET THAT PAYCHECK.

I firmly believe that if people really took a step back and acknowledge the REAL REASONS they want us to spend (besides them making more money) alot of things would change , idk mayb it’s just me seeing things from different view due to being so focus on getting my life on track. Anyone can easily get distracted from flashy sales and big savings but I rather save then spend WHEN I REALLY NEED SOMETHING.

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