Time with family

It dawned on me that I have a 13year old daughter now (gasp) and life is getting more and more interesting with kids as they get older. Got to spend time with my kids over the weekend. Went to my cousin Donald and his wife house , he also has 2 kids around my own kids age so if anyone of have kids you know exactly what that means (lol) . Kids need family time. Wether its siblings or cousins etc.. they need to see family especially around the Holidays ????✨ and during the yr is also good for them and their development growth. But I’m back to work and the daily grind of finding success.

Have a good week my fellow readers..

Slime sunday

Gm readers  🙂

IDK if your kids are into slime, my oldest daughter (Leilany) got into slime from kids at school and she started making her own with help of how-to videos. Now she has enough knowledge to help her younger sister(Shanney) my 2nd daughter with her own slime, its kinda fun to play with feels like being a kid again lol. As a dad its good feeling watching your kids do great things even tho if i didn’t teach her how to make slime, but i do teach my kids important lessons in life  and that’s  ONE OF THE GREATEST GIFT A PARENT CAN GIVE..  P.S i gotta cut my son’s hair too.


Bed Time

Although some kids do not look forward to bedtime and some do , but to us parents this is the time we look foward to when clock hits past 7:30 lol , i love my kids. Not all kids have early bedtime and in my opinion a normal bedtime for kids under 9yrs of age is 7:30-8:30pm(school night). Once they pass age of 11 or 12 it becomes more difficult to keep that same bedtime but still can make it before clock hits 10:30pm , on weekends i leave it up to my kids to decide but they k.o by then most nights. So again parents its up us to know your kid and patterns

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